CheatCode Media and GDPR

This is a post regarding CheatCode Media and any European Citizen.

(anything posted here will usually not apply to our out-of-Europe customers)

You’ve probably heard by now of this thing called “GDPR” – the¬†General Data Protection Regulation.

This doesn’t really have much effect on our services, but we’ve got the following set out for anybody wishing for information on how our company handles the GDPR.

Your Data

Your data is stored in France(Paris), England(London) and Canada(Montreal) – dependant on which service you are using – with “OVH SAS”. Our servers are stored in high security facilities – see here for information.

CheatCode Media does not have a data protection officer (employee count isn’t large enough)

Right to be forgotten

If you would like all your data to be permanentl...

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Looking for Beta Testers

Hi there. Quick update to say – if you’re interested in Beta Testing for CheatCode’s project C, let us know!

You must be/have:

  • An ANDROID user with a Google Play account.
  • relatively well-known amoungst the CheatCode Staff
  • Ability to keep information confidential
  • Be above the age of 14
  • Reside in:¬†United States of America, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland.

We will be looking into adding Beta Testing for Germany soon, however, our app isn’t fully ready yet!




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Website Update

Well, this looks shiny.


We’ve done a bit of an update to our website, which we think is a lot nicer than our old website. Let us know your opinions!

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