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Welcome to the corporate website for CheatCode Media Group

Shaping the future
One bit at a time

Usually a bit faster than that, but we're not good at coming up with jokes

What we stand for

We make a variety of things and stuff, here's what we mainly think of when we make them


None of our products and projects would be anything without the amazing community that's there to back us, provide powerful and important feedback and tell us if we break things!

Fun Content

Having fun is one of the most important things in life, so we try to deliver fun. Usually we don't do it very well, but we really do try to put a smile on people's face!

What you Want

We try to make our products and softwares around what you want to see, taking in community polls and studies to add as much dynamic and exciting content as possible.

Open & Transparent

Wherever possible, we try to make our decisions and thought processes as open as we can, as we believe this gives us a stronger and closer relationship between us and the community.

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Amazing Team Members

These people provide the life to CheatCode, giving it a unique and fantastic approach, and the people who make it what it is today

Isabella W.

Isabella is the person who manages all the main business and day-to-day operations of the company, keeping us all alive and healthy.

Phil G.

Phil creates all the nerdy techy stuff at the company, making all the software and gameservers that we use.


Customer Support Lead
Job currently open. Check out our careers page!

[email protected]

Send us your query anytime!

Before you Contact

All our projects have dedicated support emails to get you the best response from each team.

Minecraft Projects
If you have a query regarding any of our Minecraft projects, please contact [email protected]

Team C
If you are a tester for the Team C project, email the support desk with the email you have been provided and one of the customer support for Team C will respond to you ASAP.

Contract Clients
If you have a service hosted with or provided by CheatCode to your company, please email the project manager directly for the fastest support time. Thank you.